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Product Builds & Turnkey Assemblies







nSight Manufacturing is your single-source, full-service product manufacturing partner working with OEM’s to turn product ideas into reality. Our blend of engineering expertise, manufacturing management and global manufacturing locations efficiently create, sustain and expand OEM products.

Mechanical Assemblies

Molded Housings, frames, hinges, gaskets and screws put together just for you.

Electromechanical Builds & Assemblies

If it requires actuation, we are your best single-source option.

Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Wires, cables and PCB Boards combined and tested the way you need them.

Product Builds

From low to medium complexity, we’ll build your components, manufacture your housing, assemble your product, configure and load software, complete final testing, pack and ship. If your product requires agency testing; UL, FCC, or other certifications, we have the resources and industry knowledge to support those needs.

Turnkey Assemblies

Ready to ship means ready to sell – just good business. For nSight customers who want to spend more time improving their businesses rather than assembling products, we manage the entire process; from sourcing parts, manufacturing the housing and everything in between. We deliver your requirements as specified and on – time.

Warehouse On Demand

As part of our value proposition, nSight offers it‘s customers “Warehouse On Demand”.

Utilizing our climate-controlled warehouse located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, nSight will tailor a stocking program where product ships weekly, monthly, or whichever frequency makes the most sense for the demands of your business.

Through the execution of a materials agreement, nSight will work closely with your purchasing team to assure we stock product based on an EAU. The agreement assures that nSight will have in stock at least 60 days of product at all times. This service allows nSight to provide an average 7-day lead time from date of purchase order to product delivery.

This value offering is designed to give customers true peace of mind to ensure your business always has product available that can be delivered within days of your request.

The nSight Advantage

Together WE WILL Achieve . .





Our Commitment

nSight Manufacturing . . . A Manufacturing Partner You Can Count On

nSight Manufacturing entire business model is built around our desire to exceed client expectations every chance we get. There are many facets to our approach that our clients love, but let’s face it – it all starts with our ability to provide exceptional pricing.

That’s just the beginning of our value proposition to our customers. We keep clients close from start to finish. We take great pride in being accountable, predictable, highly responsive and most importantly reliable. These simple attributes are our culture that is engrained in every single employee and is demonstrated to each and every customer every single day.

We look forward to proving to you first-hand the difference the nSight team can make to your business. If you would like more information, or would like a competitive quote, please reach out via email or contact us page on the website.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Our commitment to our customers is what defines who we are and what we want to be.

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